Bernard Powell Award

The Bernard Powell Award was established in 1980 in memory of the award’s namesake, a renowned community activist in Kansas City. Winners of the award have been actively involved with the Centurions Alumni Association, worked on community projects that have positively impacted greater Kansas City, and demonstrated extraordinary community leadership and action.

The recipient is named at the Centurions Award Reception.

Past award recipients include:
2018  Mark Larrabee
2017 Tami Greenberg
2016 ´╗┐Laurie Roberts´╗┐
2015 Richard Wetzel
2014 Award not given
2013 Tyrone Flowers
2012 Mike Burke
Greg Wolf
2010 David Fowler
2009 Richard Stilwell
2008 Deth Im
2007 Rick Kahle
2006 Jonathan Cohn
2005 Teresa Woody
2004 Holly Swyden
2003 Edward "Ned" O'Connor, Jr.
2002 David A. Smith
2001 Sean Miller
2000 Mary Larson-Diaz
1999 Dan Ryan
1998 Brad Stratton
1997 Larry Dietz
1996 Judith A. Krtek
1995 Thomas Brill
1994 Brock Rule
1993 Sam Jordan
1992 Susann Riffe
1991 Jennifer Nicholson
1990 Robert Malcolm
1989 Scott Seitter
1988 Reggie Giffin
1987 Elizabeth Brown
1986 Terry Christenberry
1985 H.E. "Dan" Bunch
1984 Jeffrey S. Hall
1983 Kyle Simmons Robinson
1982 Nancy Robertson
1981 Stephan Shannon, Jr.
1980 Donald L. Maxwell

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