Tuition and Scholarships


Annual tuition for the two-year program is as follows: 
• Organization with more than 250 employees - $3,500/year
• Organization with fewer than 250 employees - $2,500/year

The tuition payment covers the orientation retreat, incidental meeting expenses, and task force expenses. Tuition is paid at the beginning of each year and is due no later than the start of the Centurions' Annual Retreat and is non-refundable.

All Centurions have the option of participating in the annual benchmarking trip, which serves as the May Task Force (fall) and November Task Force (spring) and is not mandatory. An additional fee of approximately $1,100 will be required to attend. Participants who will not be attending are not required to pay this fee. Anyone who notifies the KC Chamber that they are unable to attend by the date that is communicated in advance will be refunded the fee.


Centurions Leadership Program is committed to assisting participants who need financial assistance to pay program tuition. Three types of scholarships are available:

General Scholarship is available to participants based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: financial need, adding diversity to the program, or the nature of the organization employing the candidate. The number of scholarships and amounts awarded vary by year. 

The Alumni Foundation Scholarship is available to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Up to two scholarships are awarded annually for both spring and fall classes.

Women's Scholarship for the Centurions Leadership Program is available and funded by the Executive Women’s Leadership Council (EWLC). The EWLC scholarship, once awarded, will carry over and be applied to the second year tuition for each recipient. 

All scholarships are limited to 50 percent of tuition for the two year program.

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