CO-CHAIRS: Estuardo Garcia, Marc Shaffer

Lisa Ketteler, Michael Raupp, Stacy Barter, Justin Beets, Michael Kelley, Stephanie Miller, Jennifer Vitela

The Communications Committee creates broad awareness of the Centurions program and of contributions to the local business and civic communities. The committee also develops and maintains an internal communications program to communicate key activities, news, and events to active Centurions and alumni.


  • Provides content for newsletters transmitted by e-mail to all active members, alumni and Chamber staff
  • Maintain a photo library documenting Centurions activity, projects, task forces, and other events 
  • Build, strengthen and maintain relationships with various local media (print, broadcast, digital and beyond) in an effort to garner earned coverage of task forces, projects, events,  volunteer efforts and other Centurions-focused programming and related events. The Communications Committee will pitch stories related to Centurions while working cloesly with its partners, presenters, sponsors and the KC Chamber to maximize and leverage media opportunities whenever possible.
  • Provide updates to active Centurions on business activities of fellow Centurions
  • Highlight the accomplishments and activities of active Centurions and alumni through social media and other channels

Website and newsletter content is submitted to Chamber for approval and posting. Social media content is distributed by assigned Communications Committee members. Centurions email is distributed via subgroups.

The newsletter, website, emails, and social media accounts are the main sources of information. Each task force and committee chair will designate a point-person to ensure information about task force and committee reaches Chamber staff in time for publication. 

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce