CO-CHAIRS: Brittany Barrientos, Danny Ramon, Jason Webb

MEMBERS: Brian Edwards, Theresa Garza, Drew Elliott, Chantell Garrett, Christine Lara, Steven Levy, Sarah Reape, Morgan Schulte

The Diversity Committee’s mission includes engaging in outreach with Kansas City professionals and Centurions alumni with the goal of making the Centurions program more representative of the professional community, as well as developing programming and leadership training with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion issues in the community and the workplace.


  • Meet with Centurions alumni about methods to improve diversity in the Centurions program
  • Offer symposia addressing diverse issues affecting the Kansas City community
  • Offer opportunities to engage with D&I leaders in the Kansas City community
  • Implement marketing and networking strategies to assist with recruiting diverse professionals
  • Encourage honest, thoughtful, and respectful dialogue about traditionally difficult and emotionally-charged issues.

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce