Volunteer Events – Absentee Policy

The longstanding absentee policy is that if you sign up for an event and it turns out that you cannot make it, then it is your responsibility to find a replacement. We ask that when signing up to volunteer, you carefully consider whether you will be able to fulfill that commitment. 

We understand there are circumstances, such as a death in the family or unforeseen illness, which can make finding a replacement difficult. And, we will work closely with you in such circumstances to find a good solution. For all other circumstances you will also be responsible for finding a substitute Centurion and notifying a Project Committee Co-Chair of the change so we can correctly assign hours in VolunteerMark.

In general, members have not had difficulty finding replacements - a GroupMe message almost always turns up one or two generous takers. More importantly, this policy has helped to protect the image of our program among the local nonprofits we work with, and ultimately provided a positive experience for all members.

Thanks for your commitment. 

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce