June Task Force: History & Future of Women in KC

DATE: June 22, 2018

CO-CHAIRS: Ashley Hand, Jennifer Ingraham, Kerri Reisdorff, Ann Van Zee

COMMITTEE: Leanne Breiby, Katie Lord, Alyssa Parsons, Julie Steenson

Kansas City has a rich history and a vibrant future because of the women who have called this region home. Some names may be familiar to you, women who achieved landmark success in their chosen fields, from politics and business to philanthropy. But there are many stories yet to tell…of women who have left an imprint on our community, who shaped the conversation around critical issues, who helped clear a path for current and future leaders. And today, what stories are being written for the next generation? Our task force will draw from personal histories, highlight contemporary challenges and successes, and preview how the drive and commitment of women will continue to influence the lives of all Kansas Citians.


Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce