Centurions Leadership Award

The Centurions Leadership Award is presented to a community leader who embodies the spirit of Centurions.

The recipient is named at the Centurions Award Reception.

award recipients include:
2018 Karen Daniel
2017 Mark Donovan & Adrienne Haynes
2016  --
2015 Joyce Hayhow
2014 Steve Roling
2013 Greg Graves
2012 Thomas M. Bloch
2011 Tom Van Dyke
2010 David Oliver
2009 Bernard Franklin
2008 Lee Derrough
2007 Shirley and Barnett Helzberg
The Honorable Kay Barnes
Jeffrey W. Comment
James E. and Virginia G. Stowers
2003 The Honorable Carol S. Marinovich
2002 Thomas A. McDonnell
The Honorable Fernando Gaitan, Jr.
2000 Henry W. Bloch
1999 Buck O'Neil
1998 Jack C. Craft
1997 William Nelson
Samuel Rodgers
1995 R. Crosby Kemper
  William H. Dunn
  Alvin L. Brooks
  Anita Gorman
  Adele Hall
  The Honorable Emanuel Cleaver, II
  Albert P. Mauro
  H. Marshall Chatfield

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce