Dan Brown, Monica Powers, Amy Wright 

Brook Bailey, Dan Culver, Lauren Palmer, Wale Akinmoladun, Kelisen Binder, Leah DiCarlo, Brice Harrison, Emily Harrold, David Kim

Each year, the Legacy Committee selects a project with the intent to bring a long-lasting benefit to the Kansas City community. The committee plans the project, leads the project, and organizes the Centurion volunteers to participate in the project. The 2018-2019 legacy project is Community LINC.

The mission of Community LINC is to end homelessness in Kansas City for this generation and the next. Like the Centurions, Community LINC endeavors to affect long-lasting and impactful change in the Greater Kansas City community. Each year, it serves nearly 300 potential future leaders of the Greater Kansas City community: children. Community LINC chooses to serve families because it recognizes that by investing in the future of the children, it is investing in the future of the community. Community LINC envisions a future in which no child served will ever experience homelessness again. Together, Centurions and Community LINC can support the collective objectives of building a stronger Greater Kansas City.


The 2018-2019 Legacy Project will work to extend and expand the capabilities of Community LINC. There are two components to this project. The first component is to establish and organize a cataloging inventory system for all donated household items in their receiving area. These donations are used to prepare on-site apartments for homeless children and families. The second component is to modernize and renovate the Children's Program Elementary Center to be a warmer, more welcoming learning environment. With the help of Centurion Volunteers, Commmunity LINC is committed to achieving the following outcomes:
  • Providing a renovated and updated Children's Program center space that is user-friendly, welcoming and organized
  • Cataloging of all inventory and organzing the basement
The committee will work to make the 2018-2019 Legacy project a reality and will help determine the 2019-2020 Legacy project.

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