CO-CHAIRSKelly Cooper, Kristen O'Connell

: Nick Page, Elizabeth Stoltz, Matt Glenn, Terry Harlow, James Isom, Julie Pine, Monica Smith, Jenny Stasi

The projects committee is responsible for one of the core missions of Centurions—serving. This is the committee that sources, sets up, and monitors all the events for which Centurions volunteer. If you want to help shape how we give back to the community, then the Projects Committee is for you.

  • Identify and/or coordinate identified volunteer projects for Centurions, including communicating with non-profit organizations we are serving, sending reminders to Centurions the week of event, and ensuring hours are tracked properly after the event.
  • Monitor and communicate the status of participation in each Centurions project you are assigned.
  • Encourage Centurions to meet the class’ hours goal for the year and recognize those who reach certain milestones.
  • Encourage all Centurions to contact the committee with suggestions for project opportunities. Project ideas will also be solicited at monthly task force meetings.
  • Collaborate with the alumni association’s Projects Committee to offer joint active and alumni service projects.

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce