CO-CHAIRS: Trese Booze, Diane Gallagher, Amy Kligman

MEMBERS: Marissa Baum, Lori Goben, Frank White III, Nancy Curran, Evan Fox, Neesha Hitchcock, Stafford Hughes, Kamera Meaney, Jesus Torres-Sosa 

The mission of the Centurions Recruiting Committee is to attract an exceptionally talented and diverse set of candidates who represent the larger Kansas City regional business community to deliver an incoming class that is prepared to make positive contributions in year one and to lead the program in year two.


  • Develop and implement a plan to create awareness of and generate interest in the Centurions program for potential applicants
  • Reach out to a broad set of organizations within the Chamber’s membership to ensure a diverse and well-qualified candidate pool
  • Utilize active Centurions members and alumni networks to maximize the reach of recruiting efforts
  • Plan, coordinate and lead all recruiting events and activities
  • Organize and conduct the application, interview and selection process
  • Assign mentor-mentee pairs between 2nd and 1st year Centurions to quickly and effectively onboard new members
  • Create pod groupings for the Annual Retreat to foster relationships and an early sense of community among 1st and 2nd year members

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce