CO-CHAIRS: Kate O'Hara Gasper, Anastasia Huggins, Chris Jagoda

Jim Erickson, Andy Pence, Trent Dansel, Beth Haden, Ryan Humphrey, Leonard Popplewell, Megan Turner


The Social Committee plans activities that will appeal to as many Centurions as possible (actives and alumni) and provide them with a more relaxed and casual atmosphere in which to become better acquainted.


  • Provide unique events for the Centurions (and significant others) that will attract greater involvement
  • Facilitate more interaction between Centurions
  • Involve significant others and family early in some social activities to help earn their “buy in” of the Centurion commitment
  • Provide a wide variety of social activities (i.e. more than a happy hour)

Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce